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We deal with specifically for Term Insurance which is life insurance designed to cover you for a fixed term and aim to get you the best price. The quote from our system will ensure you get the best price available. By simply filling in the form we will complete a comparison survey within our system from our large range of life insurance companies. You will then receive a phone call within minutes of submitting your enquiry and subsequently a free quote from the company that is best suited to fulfilling your needs.

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In order to cover your family when you pass away you'll need to work out how much you will be paying on a monthly basis, and receiving a life insurance quote will help you with this.

Before you choose your policy

Before you take out a policy be positive you have a need for life insurance, and are certain on the amount of coverage that you will need when considering these factors:

  • current assets and current liabilities
  • earning power of surviving family members
  • other sources of income to the family
  • projected expenses and family support

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If you have not completely decided upon the amount of coverage, our specialists will be able discuss it with you at length. Also our calculator lets you determine the cover needed if you are unsure.

Why you should get a quote from our website?

We can search through 10s of providers in an instant, saving you the time and effort of searching through all of their websites individually and finding the best price. By going through our price comparison website it will cost you the same or will be cheaper than going direct.

Our online comparison service is free to use, with no obligation meaning that once you have got a quote from a life insurance provider you do not have to take up that offer. Our service will let you search through all of the biggest brand names in the life insurance sector and will save you time. We will ensure you receive clear and jargon free quotes, so use us to compare life insurance.

How it works

In order to receive a quote from one of our financial advisors, you must decide on the amount of cover you need (see: Before choosing your policy). Then, all you have to do is fill out your details in the form provided and you will receive a phone call from a specially selected life insurance provider that will offer you the best price for your insurance policy. If you agree with the policy details and the price that is subsequently quoted then you can submit your application.

Term insurance will cover you over a fixed period of time in the event of your death, and if the policy is in force then it will pay out the benefit. Term insurance is generally cheaper than whole of life insurance as it covers you for less time, but unlike whole of life it has no cash value. Term insurance can also either be level term or decreasing term, and related to the amount you will receive in the event of your death.

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Glossary of Terms

Critical illness

A lot of different illnesses are covered in most policies, but make sure you check before committing, however these are illnesses which are look upon as life threatening by the medical profession.

Decreasing term assurance

This is life insurance where the sum assured decreases each year, for a fixed period of time, or to a stated age.

Level term assurance

This is life insurance for a secure period of time or until an exact date. It is typically conveyed in years, and the policy will finish without any value.

Whole of life assurance

This is life insurance which has no fixed or specified term, i.e. lasts for your whole life


An appeal made to us for the payment of a benefit under a policy


The total amount of years that your policy will run

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